Monday, March 01, 2010

We Have Come To The End My Friends

All things must end and so it is with this little enterprise. There have been 278 posts (not counting ones that were removed by DMCA notice or other circumstances), each one designed to highlight music that I have either loved for a long time or been exposed to along the way. Without this, I would not have had the chance to experience what others have written about music, love and life. I certainly never developed the following of the larger blogs, but I hope that in my small way I have exposed those you that have come my way to some songs and bands that you have grown to love. I end this because life moves us in other avenues and other directions. I end this because I just can't keep up with it in the way I would like.

Readers may not have always agreed with me but I hope I have expressed myself and my love of music in simple terms. This blog was meant to celebrate music and all that it can achieve. It was meant to show people that there is beauty in the world and that it can be enhanced by the common search for the perfect sound. For those of you that blog I say, keep it up, you have a gift and need to share it. For those of you who read these sorts of things, I say keep supporting those willing to express their loves to others.

I leave you with these parting songs and say thank you to those of you who took a few minutes to care enough to read what I have had to say.

Probably the best song I heard in my time blogging. Still sounds great no matter how many times I listen.

Any reader know why this is here. There will never be a greater song written in my mind.

**pics of are of my boys. All of whom love music and will have larger record collections than I could impossible imagine...