Monday, September 11, 2006

Brilliance in Los Angeles

So it's late at night and I was in a major funk due to my favorite baseball team's continued poor play when I went trolling the internet for new music. This has, in the past, led to some rather interesting finds. But when I stumbled across Cerulean I could not have been more pleased. First off, the name of the band is, I hope, a nod to the first album by The Ocean Blue (a MOZ fave). Second, they are damn catchy. Third, they are from LA. All of these are excellent signs for a new favorite band of mine.

The band seems to have collected several albums and ep's in their time together and the sampling of mp3's on their site are all high quality. So far in the past 10 minutes I have listened to "Quiet Release" about three times. This is from their latest record NO SENSE IN WAITING as is another track, the equally brilliant "Keep Repeating".

Cerulean are somewaht reminiscent of another local band The Killingtons in their use of ridiculously catchy hooks and very soft understated singing. These are songs that are great for their ability to continue to rise and fall then lift the listener up again. I can only imagine how they might be live. This band could be huge except their good which means no one in the music industry will give them the time of day. Even so, I wish them the best of luck and will certainly keep my eye on their future matieral.

Official Site (check mp3 section for some samples)

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