Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Most Anticipated Record of the Year

Hype is a very funny thing. Bands go through the "Hype" process faster and faster these days that it seems that the next big band is surfacing every day. Usually they receive tremendous adulation for the "original" sound and in depth interviews about their rise to fame. This is then followed by a critical backlash and accusations of over exposure as said new band tries to establish itself as more than a flash in the pan. Used to be that this process happened over several it can come full circle in one album's time.

Why do I bring this up now. Because BLOC PARTY have released their second record, A WEEKEND IN THE CITY. Many other blogs ahve already commented on the record (with some mixed reviews) and seem to be divided into two distinct camps; those that feel that the band has sold out and softened and those that are in rapture based solely on the fact that it's something of a concept record with deep lyrics. I have listened to the record three times now and can honestly say that what I hear is a band that is a work in progress. Don't get me wrong, I loved the first album (I defy anyone to not want to subconsciouly dance to BANQUET or gaze wistfully off into the distance during HERE WE ARE). I firmly believe that these guys will be a force to reckon with for a long time. Much like U2's OCTOBER, WEEKEND is the sound of a band beginning to stretch its legs. Some of the record is reminiscent of the first (I STILL REMEMBER could be an outtake from SILENT ALARM'S recording sessions), other parts are very different (A PRAYER is oddly catchy for a song based on chanting)

What I keep coming back to is the simple fact that these guys can write and play and have a sond that is unique enough to make them stand out from the pack of current "it" bands. Here's hoping we all give them the chance to realize the potential and at the same time appreciate that this new record is really quite good.

(mp3) Bloc Party -- Hunting for Witches
(mp3) Bloc Party -- The Prayer

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