Sunday, May 31, 2009

American History Rock

I imagine that Portland, Oregon based band THE DIMES had little to no idea that I used to teacher American History when they sent me a couple of songs to review. How in God's name could I give a poor review to a band that wrote an entire song about Clara Barton, famed Civil War Battlefield nurse and founder of the Red Cross? It certainly helps that the music has a nice country folk feel to it (kind of like THE JAYHAWKS mixed with THE DECEMBERISTS and DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE) that makes the lyrics go down that much easier. "Save Me Clara", the standout track from their new "New England EP", shuffles along with the help of a nice slide guitar and harmonica that screams Americana. "The Liberator" has a wonderful harmony chorus and a nice use of what I think is an accordion for the solo. This ep comes on the heels of their debut record which you can sample on the band's website.

The best tribute I can pay the band is that their music gets better with every listen. The slower, quieter songs grow on you much in the way a lazy Sunday just kind of take over your mood. The peppier songs show an edge that is most likely enhanced when they play live. This is definitely a band I will keep a keen eye on. Very well done boys.

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