Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Band of Horses

Band of Horses is one of those bands that seems out of place in the current music universe. The have developed a sound that is reminiscent of 70's rock in the use of layered vocals, a slight country tinge to the guitars and a soft feel to the lyrics. Their latest, "Infinite Arms", builds on the formula with little tweaks here and there to separate it from the earlier work. "Laredo" has all the markings of the traditional BOH song, where "Dilly" uses a nice keyboard line to drive the mid tempo track. Of the slower songs, "Way Back Home" has a sweet southern sound as if played on the front porch in the summer. The title track meanders around with a slight Cowboy Junkies vibe to it.

The thing I most enjoy about the record is the way that each listens reveals a new sound or texture. The record has not gotten stale as it has moved from new rotation to simply coming up on random on the iPod. A sign of a good record is one that continues to surprise.
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