Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Smooth Summer Sounds of Vetiver

VETIVER is the brainchild of Andy Cabic. Cabic and his revolving group of musicians have recently released their fifth album entitled "The Errant Charm' as the perfect sound for warm summer nights. Vetiver specialize is a slowed down, folky kind of the indie rock that would appeal to fans of ELLIOT SMITH and FLEET FOXES. I can just imagine turning the record on while sitting on the porch watching the sprinklers dust the lawn at dusk.

The opening strums of "It's Beyond Me" echo an acoustic take on "Love Will Tear Us Apart' until Cabic comes in with his hushed vocals. From there the vibes of THE BETA BAND take over to find a nice little groove. "Worse for Wear" continues the acoustic strum joined by a kick drum and a synth line that washes over the whole proceeding. "Can't You Tell" almost seems to stroll along to a skippy beat as Cabic evokes BECK at his folksy best. "Hard To Break" has a BYRDS feel to it as the acoustic guitar is ditched in favor a picked electric line. "Wonder Why" is a pure pop gem that will be a summer staple for the next three months. The record quiets down with the ending instrumental, "Soft Glass", that seems to signal the coming fall after month of warm shimmery light.

Vetiver are the kind of band that you might forget about until a song of theirs comes on, but when it does, for those few minutes, everything seems a little brighter.

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