Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Boy and Bear or sometimes you can tell by an album cover

There are those times when you look at an album cover or a band name and you just get a feeling. When I glanced at the debut full length by Australian band BOY AND BEAR I knew I would like it. After a morning of digesting their album I think I am in serious love with it. Sometimes you can just tell.

The record opens with the solemn "Lordy May" which marches like a funeral dirge that opens into a celebration of life. The stomping bass line of "Feeding Line" marks the real sound of the band as lead singer Dave Hosking's earthy vocals plead to become someone else. "Milk and Sticks" adds a hammond organ to the sound to great effect (and we all know I'm a sucker for a good organ). "Part Time Believer' whistles a quasi-happy tune that echoes the 70's revival that is currently afoot (i.e. FLEET FOXES, BON IVER). The album slows down with the plaintive "My Only One" before the country romp "Golden Jabilee". The closing duo of Dylan inspired tunes "Beach" and "Big Man" which has a distinct MUMFORD AND SONS tinge to it, wrap up the set in fine form.

Given the success of Mumford there is no reason to think this album shouldn't find some commercial success. Hopefully, people find it as enjoyable as I have each time I run through it's inspired collection of songs.

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