Saturday, March 24, 2007

Random Josh Rouse Posting

There are literally thousands of sensitive singer songwriter types that get signed every day. If these bards didn't exsist, where would Grey's Anatomy, Scrubs and other TV shows get their music? But I submit to you one Josh Rouse, a singer/songwriter who is actually worth your time and adoration. Rouse has been kicking around for a while now with little to no notice by the commercial media. All he does is release great pop records that tap into a well of emotion and longing. His voice is just this side of a whisper and carries with it a certain meloncholy that would be reminiscent of either Morrissey or Nick Drake (and yet he doesn't really sound like either one of them)

Rouse's best record is probably a release from a couple of years back called UNDER COLD BLUE STARS. This was my introduction to him and I just remember listening to this album over and over. I couldn't quite put my finger on why I kept coming back to it, I just know I couldn't get the songs out of my head. Rouse borrows from the traditional pop songbook when it comes to theme; love and loss.

Rouse's 2005 album, NASHVILLE, is also a strong record. (this is what you love about artists like this, no real suprises but a guarantee of at least 4 songs of worth on every record. You can't say that about every artist out there). The standout track here is probably, "Winter In The Hamptons", which could have been an outtake from the Smiths, STRANGEWAYS HERE WE COME. The guitar hook is very Marr-esque in its delivery.

So there you have it. No flash or excitement. Just three great pop songs from someone you should get to know.

Josh Rouse -- Ugly Stories (from Under Cold Blue Stars)

There are also some live tracks for Download at Josh's MySpace Page

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r-few said...

You made my day today - I'm not the only one out there compelled to make a random josh rouse blog posting!!! Thanks for helping me with mine. He really is quality.