Sunday, April 01, 2007

Another Big Thing Coming

Well Bloc Party seems to have fizzled. Midlake never found any love outside the blog universe. With the exception of the Shins and Modest Mouse (bands with prior success) the big things from the blogs seem to not be doing very well this year. So along comes VOXTROT. This Austin, TX band has a couple of well received eps under their belt and now they are preparing their deubt full length album to be released in May. Voxtrot does the indie rock / pop thing very well. So in the spirit of making snap judgements based solely on one song, I have included their new song"Kid Gloves" for your critique. This could be an outtake from the latest Shins album with less obscure lyrics. A litttle derivative but still very catchy. Better still is the band's cover of New Order's "Love Vigilantes" (anyone with the guts to cover New Order gets bonus points in my book) What is left to be seen is if these guys are equal to their hype.
(mp3) Voxtrot -- Love Vigilantes (New Order Cover)

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