Saturday, April 14, 2007

Bring That Beat Back

Okay so time for a confession. I CANNOT DANCE!!! I am inflicted with the same disease that most middle aged white males have...complete lack of rhythm. The only way I would ever find my way on to a dance floor was after many, many, many drinks and a total loss of any sense of proprierty. This however would seem to cotnradict my love of dance music. I enjoy almost all forms of electronic music and stocked a good portion of my CD collection with Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim and Prodigy throughout the 90's. This also lead to a true appreciation for hip hop. Being out here in California, you get exposed to alot more rap and hip hop than other places I imagine. So I offer you a couple of unusual tracks that I stumbled across cleaning out my CD shelves a few days ago.
Danny Saber is a producer/remixer that has made a name for himself remixing artists like Garbage and Electronic. The track I have posted here, Indian Summer, is from a collection entitled "Dope on Plastic Volume 4", which I actually bought for another track but came to appreciate this one as probably the second strongest on the record, mainly for its use of a sitar as the primary instrument of melody. Just a great song that would fit nicely into a Guy Ritchie film (if he still made movies that is...)
The reason I spent money on the Dope on Plastic collection was for the Blueboy track "Remember Me". This appears to be one guy who had this one song and was scarcely heard from again. (at least that's what my research indicates). Anyway, I first heard this song on KCRW (probably the msot influential college radio station on the west coast) and had to track it down. This is a classic 3am song (as in it will infect your brain to the point where your awake until 3 humming it.)
I spent a few months as an intern at London/FFRR records and got a lot of good dance music swag. Two songs from their promo CD "Special Brew" that I played the hell out of in college where Prodigy's "Voodoo People" (remixed by the Dust Brothers of Beck's Odelay fame) and Method Man's "Release Yo Delf" (remixed by the Prodigy). Of course Prodigy went on to a mroe aggressive rock based appraoch later on but this remix is the quintesential dance floor song. The Method Man track gave me a glimpse of the whol Wu Tang Clan vibe and if I ever get up enough courage I will tackle their music in another post.
So there you have it, dance music for people who can't dance.

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JC said...

Everyone can the sme way that everyone can play golf....some are just a bit better than others.

With you all the way on Blueboy. An absolutely fantastic bit of music.