Friday, May 02, 2008

Enough of the old...gimme some new indie rock

So I admit I've been living in the past recently. It happens when you have kids. You reminisce more. There are things about youth that I miss and music from my formative years hits a soft spot in my heart. BUT ENOUGH OF THAT DAMNIT!! Lets get some new stuff in here.

I can't lay claim to discovering this band. That has to go to one of my favorite blogs called to die by your side, who turned me on to MARBLE SOUNDS. A five piece Belgian band (maybe the first thing I've ever heard from Belgium) that traffics in a mix of meloncholy folk (the sweet "Come Here and the boy/girl duet "Ragdoll Blues") and more esoteric, indie rock (the absolutely divine "Redesign") with hints of sugazer drone in the guitars. I am still digesting the tracks they have posted on their site but here is one off their ep which you can buy for small fee (come on people support those struggling artists out there!!)

(mp3) Marble Sounds -- Something That We'd Never Do (courtesy of to die by your side)

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CJS said...


AGhhh Tokyo Police Club! I have missed seeing the at least 5 times in the last year. I love them so much. I'll be at school Friday to see yearbook I'll see if I can find you (I'll be there from lunch to the end of 7th probably.) Nice new music to check out thanks so much. Have you checked out MGMT? They will define the past month for me and whenever I hear them i will think the last month of my first year in college.

See You friday hopefully.