Monday, September 29, 2008

200th post -- nothing but chaos

So I had intended to Post a podcast for my 200th post but haven't had five minutes to sit down and record it due to the following:

1) My wife having surgery and being bed ridden for a week and a half
2) The impending purchase of a new home and the subsequent packing required
3) A tedious and time consuming job interview for a promotion.
4) No support network in the area (although a last minute call to the bullpen to bring in my dad for babysitting duty paid off)
5) My two sons simultaneously deciding to channel Dennis the Menace and spend every waking hour hurling themselves and any convenient object at each other.

All of these factors have led me believe that my karma is currently out of whack. Now the surgery could not be avoided. After seven months of intense pain it was finally time to end the household nightmare for my wife. Buying a new house is actually a good thing, but if you have ever gone through a house hunt and the accompanying purchase process you know that this is some sort of Chinese torture program. The job interview kind of came out of left field and let me say that finishing second in a job race is no fun. Having no parents (my mom is in Oklahoma packing my brother up to ship out to Afghanistan and my wife's parents live in Oregon) makes corralling the children somewhat complex and required me to take a week off. If anyone actually knows me then you know what a rarity it is for me to take any time off, let alone a week. Finally, the only explanation I have for my boys is that they are 2 1/2 and boys ('nuff said).

So where does this leave me? Will I maintain my sanity long enough to get through October? Will I survive all the various trials to succeed and prosper? I hope so. In the meantime I feel the JOY DIVISION just about sums up my mood right now.

(mp3) Joy Division -- Disorder
(mp3) Joy Division -- Day of the Lords (for the chorus of "When will it end" over and over again like a mantra)

But fear not fair readers, salvation is near because baseball playoffs start Wednesday.

(mp3) Train -- Calling All Angels

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