Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Promoting a Blog I Love

I always admire other bloggers. It takes dedication and passion to keep posting music day in and day out (lord knows I have trouble putting down a post a week!!) So when bloggers move beyond the realm of just commenting on music and onto actually putting music out I have to take time to say "Way to Go"! One such blog I frequently read is 17 Seconds run by a very knowledgeable chap named Ed who has started his own label. Taking the DIY spirit to heart and putting out what I hope is a long line of great Scottish bands that are sorely in need of some attention. Case in point is ABERFELDY, which has just released a a divine slice of pop heaven as a single called "Claire/Talk Me Round". If you love catchy indie pop then check out these songs on their myspace and by all means by the damn single when it comes out. I know Ed will appreciate it.

17 Seconds Records (Official Site)

Stream Aberfeldy Single here

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Ed said...

Hi Jon, apologies I should have been over here long before now to say thanks.

Claire is available to donwaod on iTunes now, including Canada and the US. Thanks for flagging it up. Hope you're well, Ed