Thursday, January 15, 2009

Say Hi to Say Hi

SAY HI would have been one of those bands that, back in college, I would have played every week on my show. I would have kept a cassette of their songs on me at all times to shove in my friend's faces to immediately make them listen to. I would have brought their name up every chance I got to try to convince others that they were the single most F***in brilliant band I had ever heard. This is how I would of felt then and its how I feel now. So here it goes.

If you do not give them a listen you are an idiot. Stop reading this right now, scroll back to the top click on the link to their myspace page and listen to the first song. Go ahead, I'll be here when you get back...

(patiently waiting for you)

See what I mean! Try to tell me the bass line doesn't get under your skin. Convince me that the sound isn't some blissful cross between early Beta Band, the best of 90's American Indie Rock and the wonders of the low fi aesthetic of Seattle after grunge left town. Everything is there; the hushed vocals that appear to make little or no sense, the spacey keyboards, the clean guitar lines that pop up at just the right time. It is the perfect indie kid band. They are now part of the BARSUK universe, which once was the home of Death Cab for Cutie, so obviously they get extra cool points. They are set to release their next record in March but have put a ton of mp3's on their site for download. This is a band worth listening to and worth telling others about. So go Say Hi!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mr Lyons,

I stole these songs and I am currently listening to them and I must say I really enjoy them.