Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Hitting Shuffle (Episode 1)

This will be a new feature here on Your Moment of Zen. Essentially, its a way to increase my productivity in the event I don't have a long time to think about a post. Often when I sit down in front of the computer to do other things, I will simply open my iTunes library and let it shuffle from song to song. Since I share the computer with my wife's music and, now, much of my kids' stuff, it can be a bit disjointed. All in all it provides the appropriate backdrop to what I am doing. So for this new concept, here are the rules:
1) The song selected must be the song that is playing when I open up a new post window.***
2) It cannot be a children's song (I won't make you suffer through "She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain...I do have a heart you know)
3) If a song appears that is from my wife's collection I cannot skip it (I do not want to end up sleeping on the couch). However, I do not have to be positive in my review of the song.

***denotes the seldom used Madden Bump rule. If a song is so abhorrent that it should have been removed from the library and just hasn't, I reserve the right to reset the shuffle once (similar to "accidentally" hitting the reset button when losing on Madden Football for the playstation) I do however, in the interest of honesty, have to tell you when I have used this rule.

So here we go, (opening iTunes now and hitting shuffle)

Bands that make double albums are pretentious bastards. Seriously, one out of every 10 double albums make you say, "yeah, that was a good idea releasing all of those songs at once." Most of the time, there is one good record full of material and a lot of artistic noodling that could have been left in the studio and developed into better material later on. This song comes from a huge collection of 29 songs entitled "Businessmen and Ghosts". The song is a nice little shoegazer style number that I got for a podcast I did awhile back (back when I did those sorts of things). The rest of the record is a mish mash of styles that never really coalesces into a coherent sound. Intriguing but not overwhelming. But this song is a pretty good indicator of what you are getting.


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