Monday, February 16, 2009

New Music: White Lies

WHITE LIES have been starting to get some publicity here in the US (I understand that they are already quite big in the UK nut we Americans can be a bit slow on the uptake...must be too much American Idol). Anyway, this band has several things going for it. First, they are signed to Fiction records (home of THE CURE) so they come with a built in sense of cool. Second, their music is full of great guitar hooks and big, anthemic choruses. This is the kind of thing that will translate well live which means that they might have some staying power (musically, they have a similarity to THE EDITORS).

Finally, they write depressing songs. Now you might ask, why is this a good thing. Well, given the current climate of the US and how everyone is losing work and money, you would think that people would gravitate to music that is poppy and escapist.But I beg to differ. I think when times are tough, people look for music that is real and filled with genuine emotion. The last major economic crisis in America gave us NIRVANA, PEARL JAM and the other Seattle bands. Now we search the landscape for music that reflects our reality, which dark and gloomy. Here is where White Lies will come in. Now I'm saying these guys will sell a million records or become international pop stars, but I do think they represent a trend in music that will drift to the more depressing side of emotion.

So now that I have thoroughly saddened you, go listen to their music. If you are a fan of THE CURE or JOY DIVISION you will like these guys. Just don't drink and listen to their record.
**If you like this you will like the whole album. It is very representative of their sound.

**You don't here to many songs written in the second person. Kind of a neat trick.

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