Monday, December 07, 2009

Dusting off the Tape Collection (Cooler in College version)

There was a time I thought I was cool. Not in the High school starting quarterback sort of way. More the hipper than thou indie kid sort of way. I feasted on being in the know when it came to music and since I lived in area that did not have a thriving rock scene, any time a band I thought was good came around I gravitated toward them. On top of being a college radio DJ I also worked at the school's TV studio. This in an of itself was not very cool other than it gave us the chance to do stupid stuff with equipment and get paid for it. There is a legendary (at least amongst my college buddies) piece of video of my pal Scott interjecting him into the game DOOM using the green screen that made us laugh for hours.

(Okay so I admit, I was never going to be cool but bear with me anyway)

The moral of this little tale was that for me the height of my insider-ness came in the form of video shoot for an Orange County band called THE LEMMINGS. My buddy Dave had a relative who was either in the band or affiliated in some form who asked our crew of college video misfits to shoot a video for them (or we begged them as part of a project I can't remember which). One afternoon the band came in and we shot it with three cameras in a small studio. Afterwords we edited, reviewed and replayed it over and over. It may have been the highlight of our college production careers (to be fair, some of my friends have gone on to actually produce real television).

So when I found that four song demo I popped it in the tape deck and reminisced about the time when I thought I was cool.

**sonically these guys sound a lot like OASIS or BLUR. Which is funny for four guys from the OC. But not a bad knock off of the brit pop sound.

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