Saturday, January 02, 2010

Introducing...Benjamin Shaw

This is the first in a collection of posts responding to material sent to me via publicists, record labels, etc. The reason I give these space (whether I like them or not) is because I used to be one of these guys and I understand how frustrating the process of promoting bands can be. Having said that, don't expect me to slurp all of these records just to stay in their good graces but it is my intention to post the material that I like or find interesting (which keeps with the intent of this little blog here.)

Anyway, Benjamin Shaw is a singer songwriter from England who specializes in bedroom folk similar to SPARKLEHORSE and VIC CHESTNUTT. There are enough atmospheric touches here and there on his debut ep"I Got The Pox, The Pox Is What I Got" to make it more interesting than the run of the mill street musician. "When I Fall Over In The City" has a nice country shuffle to it and he sings "There's a fine line between talented and me..."; thereby showing he has something of a sense of humor. The songs feel very small and isolated, as if produced in a small bedroom of a small apartment somewhere in Northern England. My only quibble is that the ep lacks for any real variation. But it certainly shows someone with potential.

(mp3) Benjamin Shaw -- When I Fall Over In The City

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