Thursday, April 21, 2011

The National suprise new single

It is always a little better day anytime THE NATIONAL put out new music. "Exile Vilify" comes from a new video game (who knew you had to monitor Video Game soundtracks for new music, like I don't have enough to keep track of) and is a little slice of wonderful. Starting with a simple piano line, Matt Berninger goes up the ladder a bit with his vocals without sacrificing his silky smooth baritone in the process. The inclusion of a string section halfway through gives the song a cinematic quality that is not always part of their usual sound. I am curious if this was recorded at the same time as "High Violet" or as a stand alone track since it doesn't seem to be of the same vein as the tracks off that record. Either way it is a great song and only enhances my outright love for the band.

(mp3) The National -- Exile Vilify

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