Sunday, April 17, 2011

The sultry sounds of The Twilight Singers

Greg Dulli's voice is a thing of beauty. As the lead singer of the AFGHAN WHIGS, Dulli anchored the power pop sound with his soul full wail as he sang about love lost and despair. The Whigs had a little bit of commercial radio success before disbanding. Prior the that Dulli set out with a side project called THE TWILIGHT SINGERS that was designed to showcase his softer side. Over time the band has harnessed a powerful, dark sound to compliment Dulli's songwriting structure.

Their fifth release, "Dynamite Steps", opens with the slow burner "Be Invited" before launching into the driving, Cure inspired "Waves". Dulli the blue eyed soul singer returns to navigate "Get Lucky" which practically oozes smoke and liquor. The feel continues with the piano and drum machine tandem of "On The Corner". "Gunshots" sounds like a really good imitation of the old Whigs sound and would be right at home on commercial radio circa 1996. ANI DIFRANCO contributes vocals to the haunting "Blackbird and the Fox". The entirety of the record has a feel of regret and late night mistakes. Dulli opens his soul for all to see and has made a record for those who are seeking redemption for the choices they made. It's really very powerful.

(mp3) The Twilight Singers -- Blackbird and the Fox

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