Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Zach Rogue Releases the Sunbird

Zach Rogue has made his name as the frontman for ROGUE WAVE, which has been off and on, one of my favorite bands from the past 10 years or so. Rogue has decided to go solo under the new name of RELEASE THE SUNBIRD and the first song from his first solo record, coming out on July 26th.

The song, entitled "Always Like The Sun", is a soft piano and acoustic song that highlights Rogue's gentle vocals. A departure from Rogue Wave's more eclectic indie rock approach which usually features a lot of hiccups and syncopated drum beats. This song seems to indicate a simplified approach that allows Rogue's vocals and lyrics to be more discernible. Based on what I have read the approach for the record was more organic and the recording sessions designed to explore the unfinished songs rather than tinker with fully realized demos. Hopefully, the rest of the record has this same natural, easy going approach.

visit his website here to get the song for free.

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