Saturday, August 12, 2006

Buffalo Tom

Buffalo Tom typifies my college music experience. This Boston three piece has been making music for quite awhile now and every time they put out a record I remeber them fondly. I first feel in love with them on their excellent 1992 album LET ME COME OVER, which was their first major label outing. Similar in style and feel to the Lemonheads and other Fort Apache studio bands, Buffalo Tom played music that was both technically powerful and achingly beautiful. Did theseguys strike out some new course in alternative music? Of course not, otherwise more people would have heard of them. Is this record a piece of damn fine music? YES! the follow up to LET ME COME OVER, BIG RED LETTER DAY, is far more polished and radio friendly, but I think the songs included here capture what Buffalo Tom are all about. My particular favorite is "Tailights Fade", an amazing song about heartache, loss and alienation that style gives me chills even to this day.

(mp3) Buffalo Tom -- Mineral

(mp3) Buffalo Tom -- Darl

(mp3) Buffalo Tom -- Tailights Fade (highly rec'd)

(mp3) Buffalo Tom -- Stymied

(mp3) Buffalo Tom -- Staples


Anonymous said...

Thanks! Great band!

Beth said...

Hey - please, please repost Tailights fade - even if it's just for a day!

Beth said...

Hello - just found your blog - please repost Tailights Fade - my copy is on a cassette that has become lost in the mists of time... (okay then, my house move). Recently having a 15 year flashback myself - mainly Copper Blue related.