Saturday, August 12, 2006

We all love New Order

So it isn't often that I stumble across not one but two really good new bands that just so happen to share the same name which gets its genesis from one of my favorite New Order Songs. So here is a brief comparison of the two THIEVES LIKE US.

Thanks to the excellent blog Indie mp3 I decided to look into this Houston band Thieves Like Us. Like most of the known universe I was raised on a steady diet of Joy Division and New Order throughout high school and have taken to really enjoying that sounds' revival (Editors, Interpol, etc.) So I was very impressed by what I heard on the bands myspace page. (alas no downloads just listening.) I really enjoyed the track "No Control" which is the most polished and very reminiscent of New Order at their height). "Do Me Right" even does a credible job of mimicking the typical New Order guitar riff. All and all good stuff.

Thieves Like Us MySpace Page (Houston Version)

A Little further to the east (New York to be exact) is another version of Thieves Like Us. Taking a nice mix of early and late New Order as well as a healthy dose of Daft Punk style funk dance this band is definetely more of a party interpretation of New Order. The lead singer sounds just like Bernard Sumner and they use the same staccato, electronic drum style as the boys from Manchester. "Drugs in My Body" is a great dance track and "For Judith" owes a lot to Joy Division. "Sugar and Song" could have come right off of POWER, CORRUPTION AND LIES.

Thieves Like US MySpace Page (New York Version)
Official Website

So the final verdict is that both are really good bands and deserve to continue making music. The question becomes who gets to keep the name?

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