Thursday, August 03, 2006

Random Myspace Bands

So I had some free time to poke around MySpace for some up and coming bands. As I have said before I try to focus this blog on somewhat older material and leave the newer music to the other excellent writers out there. But I did come across a couple of interesting bands while cruising the net.

Sequoyah Prep School look like they may be about 12 years old. They hail from South Carolina and play acoustic indie rock with an emo flavor to it. They list Jimmy Eat World as one of their influences and that would seem to be a good comparison. They have one song for download, the mid tempo track "About Rain" but I think the best of the four I listened to "LoveHate" which has the feel of one of those songs that just keeps building tension till it's climax (bet this is pretty good live). Well worth checking out.

Sequoyah Prep School MySpace

Castledoor are from nearby Silverlake, CA. Silverlake has had a lot of really good music come out of the area (Beck, Pete Yorn) and these guys seem to follow that tradition. Very soft and quirky music that at first listen sounds very much like the typical indie stuff out today but I have to admit that upon further listens I was more and more impressed. Really like the song "Dove" which starts out very simply and builds to quite a little anthem.

Castledoor MySpace

The Scene Aesthetic are the most popular unsigned band on MySpace. A simple two ice acoustic duo, they have a very nice vocal chemistry and are very good guitar players. This probably would sound great live in some random Seattle coffee shop. Very straight ahead sound with none of the weirdness that comes with a lot of indie music. "Dear Time Traveler" is off their official album so it has the most polished sound.

The Scene Aesthetic MySpace

As always if you have a band and want me to check it out just let me know.

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RalphBuckley said...

hello mates...,
i thought i'd let u in on another cool 'random myspace band'...and that would be Ralph Buckley

all 1 can really do is just ask someone to "listen" or "look"...

"Here's to another unsigned out of Seattle...Cheers"
if you'd care to look a little further
videoblog on blogger
god bless,