Monday, February 18, 2008

Gazing at My Shoes (Part One)

A prelude to my next podcast in the form of a quick post of a song from one of my favorite shoegazing bands, MY BLOODY VALENTINE. Now there are literally thousands of posts a month on the greatness that is MBV so I won't give you the whole story but it's safe to say that for those of us who listened to music from the UK throughout the 90's, MBV and THE STONE ROSES were the two most frustrating bands around. Both made brilliant music and then seemed to disappear as they struggled to make a follow up album (which, unfortunately, the Roses did years later with the mediocre "Second Coming"). Kevin Shields and Co. are still taunting us with the potential for another record but I'm not holding my breath. So here's something to remember them by (more to follow tomorrow with the podcast...)

(mp3) My Bloody Valentine -- Soon (from Loveless)

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