Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Not To Get To Far Ahead Of Myself BUT...

So, songs from the new REM record, "Accelerate", are starting to make their way into the world in the finished studio form. The first single "Supernatural Superserious" gives me a sense of hope. As detailed on this and other blogs about 6 months ago, REM seemed to have lost a bit of their cache mainly due to their pitiful last record "Around the Sun" (to the point where it is the only REM album I do not own). So why do I have hope...well because this song has all the REM trademarks that made them a great band. The Peter Buck guitar is back (still a little to clean for my tastes, I like a little fuzz in it), the Micheal Stipe lyrics are still a bit obtuse (I think it's about a lost teenage love or something like that) and the great Mike Mills harmonies are thankfully back in full force. Maybe it's the fact that they realized that their relevance had wained and they needed to pull it together or maybe they just had some fun for the first time in a while in the studio but maybe, just maybe, we have the Great American Rock Band back!!!

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Unknown said...

Around The Sun is not a good studio album. Yet...when toured, the songs gained an awful lot more.

New song takes me back to Monster. I want the REM of New Adventures In Hi-Fi to come back (which probably means coxing Bill back into the drummer's chair - amazing how much he's been missed).