Friday, February 01, 2008

Zencast #9 (The Indie Cast)

I'm not entirely sure I like the end product of this particular Zencast. I had high hopes a week ago for a new podcast; I felt good and I had a clear idea in mind of what I wanted to do. Then I sprained my ankle playing basketball and spent the better part of a week hobbling around in pain (putting me in a less than festive mood). So I held off doing a podcast till I felt better. Then I changed the playlist about three times depending on my mood for the day until I settled on this line up. The feel is somewhat indie rock (which is rapidly becoming the most overused tag line for music ever) but I think the songs are really top notch. As for my contribution, well, you be the judge...

(mp3) Zencast #9 -- The Indie Cast


Matt Pond PA -- Last Light
Chris Walla -- Geometry &c.
Band of Susans -- Not In The Life
The Killingtons -- Destination Failure
Chin Up Chin Up -- The Architect Has A Gun
Emily Falls -- Carnation
Aeon Spoke -- No Answers
Iron Hero -- Spy Versus Spy
Rogue Wave -- Harmonium
The Stratford 4 -- Autopilot
Voxtrot -- Blood Red Blood

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

sweet tracks man. good call on the iron hero, aeon spoke and matt pond pa tracks. i'm glad some people appreciate their music. :)