Sunday, March 09, 2008

Look Ma I'm A Lobbyist

I've always had a passing interest in government and politics. While in college, I started out as a Political Science major with the intent of working in government is some capacity. Now as an educator I have been sent to our state capital with the intent of speaking with various congressmen on the perils facing our schools if they go through with their proposed budget cuts. I won't bore with the gory details (but if you live in California you should definitely worry about how this will affect the overall quality of your children's education), but I do find it interesting dealing with politicians.
By and large, politicians are not the slimy, used car salesmen that they are made out to be. Sure, there are some of those type in operation, but most are simply party men and women who have been conditioned to say little of importance and try to do their best to avoid saying something stupid. So this leads to stagnation and a dearth of new ideas. What it also leads to is deadlock and lack of compromise on a number of issues so real people get hurt due to all this inaction. So here I am, ready to go to battle tomorrow armed only with my conviction that what I believe is right and facing the daunting task of talking with little or no hope of it meaning anything...STAY TUNED!!

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