Monday, March 03, 2008

Random Sloan Post

As referenced on numerous other postings, I have a slight thing for the power pop groups (see previous posts on THE POSIES and MAGNAPOP) so it was just a matter of time when I got back into SLOAN. Sloan was supposed to be Canada's answer to WEEZER right down to the shaggy hair and geek chic glasses. But where Weezer fell apart after their first record and have never seemed to reconcile their poppier tendencies with their desire to emulate KISS (at least musically), Sloan have just continued to mine the three chord, three minute pop song. Their first album, "Smeared", is by far my favorite. This is because the band was still playing with their sound a bit and you can hear the variance in sound (a little fuzz and distortion added that is missing on the later records). Lyrically, the songs tend to be the tried and true unrequited or lost love, which makes them classical in pop music stature. Enjoy!!

Their first single and probably their most recognizable song. Just enough of a smirk in the lyrics to match the power of the guitars.

This song has a kind of anthemic quality to it from the guitar intro to the bass only accompaniment in the verses.

(mp3) Sloan -- Coax Me (courtesy of Nellies Life)
This was off the second record and is more akin to their overall sound.

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