Monday, March 31, 2008

What is "Weekly Christmas"?

One of the cool things about working in college radio during the mid 90's was the fact that no matter how small your station was (and we didn't get much smaller than the station I ran) you got treated very well by the record companies. In many ways the 90's were a great time to be around music because even the major labels had a need to seem hip and indie. Every label had a college radio promo guy or girl and these people spent their days dealing with those of us in college radio who for lack of a better word, were music snobs. We had a tremendous influence on the shape of new music simply with our play lists. Since I was close enough to LA to count it only added to my cache and for a short while my opinion genuinely seemed to matter (this would translate into a short career as a promo guy myself...but more on that later)

Anyway, the best thing was that every week there were packages of records that would be sent to the station for us to listen to. My friend Scott called it "Weekly Christmas". Every Tuesday I would travel to the mail room and pick up a huge bag of packages. We would tear through to see what was new for the week. Some packages were more valued than others. For some reason, packages from ISLAND RECORDS always held personal favor with me. It seemed there was always something good in those packages. That's how I found dEUS.

I can't say I really listened to the whole album very much. I was really only enamoured with a couple of songs on it. But the ones I liked I really liked. dEUS had that beat poet, jazz dissonance thing going for them which made their songs jump out at you. The record was also very dark both lyrically and musically. Crunching guitars meshed with violins and a scream/shout singing style that was just short of hard to listen to. Then the band would find a groove and all of sudden it all made sense. I may have played "Suds and Soda" about three dozen times on my show in a six month period of time. I absolutely loved that song probably because it reminded my a bit of CAMPER VAN BEETHOVEN whom I also love. I have not heard anything else since their debut record back in 1994 but I understand they are still around. So a couple of tracks from a gift of "Weekly Christmas"!


Unknown said...

liking the songs lyons! you're the best!

Unknown said...

i think you may be mistaken my dear mr. lyons.

i am definitely one of those evil republicans. but schiff's my congressman and what he does matters to me! hahaha...

Unknown said...

Suds and Soda is a top tune.

If you can, track down another great dEUS single called 'Hotel Lounge (Be The Death Of Me).

(And if you can't, drop me an e-mail and I'll fly it over especially)