Saturday, July 05, 2008

General Fuzz Loves You Back

Two days in a row for unsolicited new music!!

GENERAL FUZZ is one guy making music his own way. I have to admire someone who just gives his music away. Why would he do this you ask? "Mostly it's because I have a day job and my underlying goal is to have my music heard" is what his bio says. The problem is that people who often give stuff away are giving it away because it's not very good. FORTUNATELY, that is not the case here. General Fuzz operates in the Electronica lite section of music that is a cut above mood music but not as hyper kinetic as rave or trance. I listened to his latest record, "Cool Aberrations" and found myself actually enjoying it (I must have been in the right frame of mind!)

Of the tracks on the album the lead track "Acclimate" has a sort of U2's "Where the Streets Have No Name" feel to it. "Fugal" adopts a female vocal over the top of a nice little break beat. If I have one minor complaint is that it does get a bit repetitive over the course of an entire album, but that is usually the case with most electronic music. I would love to see what he can do with a greater sonic palette. At his best his music has shades of LTJ Bukem and Moby. I recommend you check it out.

Download all General Fuzz Albums here

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