Saturday, July 12, 2008

Zencast #14 (Songs from The Wife's iPod)

Normally acts of undying affection are best saved when one is in trouble. The entire florist's industry is built upon the maxim that it's better to arm yourself with something pretty when apologizing. Many men have spent countless hours scurrying around malls searching for the gift that will get you out of the doghouse. But sometimes it's nice just to show appreciation without a need to remove guilt or suspicion from what you might have done. I SWEAR THIS IS THE CASE HERE!!

My wife has a unique taste when it comes to music. She loves Country and Classic rock (Eagles, Jimmy Buffett). She has cornered the market on mopey, chick rock/folk and girl electro-pop. But every once and awhile, she stumbles across some truly extraordinary music. So I thought I would take a break from my own personal quest to expose the world to quality music to give you a glimpse into her musical catalogue. Enjoy...


1) Jimmy Buffett -- The Wino and I Know
2) The La's -- There She Goes
3) Third Eye Blind -- The Background
4) Jesus Wore Dickies -- Ant Farms
5) Pet Shop Boys -- Home and Dry
6) Sarah Harmer -- Lodestar
7) The Little Ones -- Lovers Who Uncover
8) Azure Ray -- Rise
9) Kaiser Cartel -- Before
10) Maria Taylor -- A Good Start
11) Tara MacLean -- Dry Land
12) Yann Tiersen -- L'Autre Valse D'Amelie
13) Tori Amos -- Tear In Your Hand

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