Thursday, August 14, 2008

Plugging back into the Matrix

It's amazing how reliant I have become on technology. Now, I have always been relatively in tune with the latest gadgets and advances. But over time I have become more and more attached to the notion that I can get information any time I want via the Internet. For many of us who lived prior to the Internet days, this development has changed how we act when we go on vacation. I recently spent 10 days on a ranch in Southern Oregon where I had no cell-phone reception (thereby slicing me away from being able to check my blackberry for e-mail), a computer with a dial-up modem (which makes getting information off the net next to impossible) and a local paper that was 14 pages total (mostly about local news which has no bearing on my life). Add to this the fact that, even though there was cable TV, it was in another state so forget trying to keep up on local baseball teams and their games. I was reduced to checking the ESPN crawl at the bottom of the screen over and over to see if the Angels were winning or losing. For someone who has a information addiction this is some form of sadistic torture.

(NOTE: I did have a very nice time and actually spent quite a bit in a wonderful hammock between two shade trees with a nice breeze blowing. So don't get the idea that I am ungrateful bastard who can't appreciate a little R and R)

So obviously my wife and I fought tooth and nail to see who got to the computer first upon our return home to check e-mail, facebook, websites, and other Internet related gobbledy gook (I lost which is why this is being written today instead of yesterday). So now I'm plugged back in and ready to go. Now excuse me I have to go refresh my e-mail... it's been two whole minutes.

Computer Club is a great new electronic act which seemed to fit with the theme today. All song links courtesy of I Heart Comix

(mp3) Computer Club -- Bizarre Love Triangle (yes, another version of the New Order Classic)

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