Sunday, August 17, 2008

Zencast #15 (The Indie Cast - B)

Being the attention whore that I am, I looked at the stats for all of my podcasts and found that the most successful one, based on listener downloads, was the so called "Indie Cast" I did about 5 months ago. So I threw together some random new indie rock and ,VOILA!, a podcast was born. Hidden gems here include the latest from MOGWAI and THE AIRBORNE TOXIC EVENT as well as a great new single from RA RA RIOT. Enjoy these 49 minutes of fun and, as always, feedback is appreciated.


Mogwai -- The Sun Smells Too Loud
Working For A Nuclear Free City -- Kingdom
The Airborne Toxic Event -- Sometime Around Midnight
A Classic Education -- Badlands and Owls
Anthem In -- Down
Cerulean -- Quiet Release
Alexi Murdoch -- Home
Lackthereof -- Last November
The Little Ones -- Boracay
Ra Ra Riot -- Dying is Fine

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