Sunday, August 31, 2008

Thank God for Sarah Palin!!!

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the planet (just consumed by the first of many 65 hour work weeks in the coming year). I have every intention of resuming my semi-regualr schedule of music related posts tomorrow.

It's hard to believe that since my last post the Democrats nominated the first ever minority for President and the Republicans selected someone even less qualified than former VP Dan Quail for their ticket. Isn't progress grand? Seriously after the week I had I needed a good laugh and god bless the GOP for giving me a good one. Now before being accused of being a sexist let me be clear, I fully believe that a smart woman can one day be president. And I admit I know very little about Mrs. Palin (seems more appropriate to call her this so as to go with her whole hot librarian vibe - to steal a line from about 10,000 comedians in the last week!) but is running the state of Alaska for less than two years really enough of a resume for the second most powerful person in the US. I mean, Jesus it's FREAKIN ALASKA!! What's her primary constituency...moose and geese? So maybe I'm being a wee bit harsh. After all, she is probably smarter than me (Dear God let's hope so or we are all doomed.) But just think one should have logged more than 1 and 1/2 baseball seasons as a leader of people in order to be allowed to chair the Senate.

I think this video is the perfect intro to the woman who may be VP

Well, at least the next two months aren't going to be boring. Hold on to your hats's gonna get a bit bumpy.

More tomorrow...I hope.

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