Saturday, July 25, 2009

Going on a 4AD Jag (Episode 2)

Again, I cannot claim originality with this post since the excellent 17 SECONDS blog got to these guys first but I will put my two cents in anyway.

THE BIG PINK have been gathering momentum for about a year now in preparation for their debut US release "A Brief History of Love", which will be released on Sept. 14th. Many acts have tried to update the JESUS AND MARY CHAIN sound with mixed results (which speaks volumes about what the brothers Reid were able to do) and The Big Pink is the latest incarnation of that attempt. Their are also elements of classic Shoegazer a la RIDE and MY BLOODY VALENTINE but with an ear for a pop hook, particularly in the chorus for "Stop the World". The latest single, "Dominos", has an even greater reliance on pop over rock to it that suggests that the band has designs on being taken seriously as a mainstream act. Still one cannot shake the fact that at times wouldn't just be easier to go pull out the old JAMC CD's and relive their brilliance?

But then that would miss the point wouldn't it? The goal is to take already familiar sounds and give them a twist. Here the use of electronic flourishes, like the synth sirens on "Too Young To Love", make the music new and fresh rather than simply a tribute band. The bottom line is that what I have heard is enough to intrigue me to look out for their full length.

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