Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Logan Lynn's "From Pillar To Post" Review

Technology has allowed for some truly amazing developments in music. These days one can write, record, remix, package and distribute an entire body of work with little or no help from anyone else. Marry this to the splintering of the music industry where labels are less important as a connection to alternative media outlets and you have an entirely new methodology of music. The human connection is more important than ever when it comes to getting people to listen to your music. So the fact that I am even reviewing music from Portland based Logan Lynn is a testament to his connections.

Signed to the label founded by THE DANDY WARHOLS is a step in the right direction. Even though musically Lynn's sound is as far away from the Warhols, the name recognition helped me give it a chance. "Feed Me To the Wolves" almost sounds like a lost DEPECHE MODE B side (back when they gave a damn and weren't just manufacturing sounds for a paycheck) whereas "Write It On My Left Arm" has more of a Laptop Pop Feel (a la THE POSTAL SERVICE) but with more vocal effects. Other parts of the album have a more atmospheric approach that recalls MOBY in both music and vocals.

Apparently Mr. Lynn is quite prolific and after releasing this latest record he plans on two more in the near future. Which is also a by product of this new DIY computer culture of music; a near endless stream of creativity direct to the consumers. And that is never a bad thing...

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