Monday, November 29, 2010

Introducing...Trophy Wife

TROPHY WIFE are a band out of Oxford, England who recently unveiled their debut 7' single (which by the way is still a great invention in my mind). The two songs on highlight the best of what the band is about. The A Side, "Microlite" is a summery piece of pop pie with a nice acoustic strum to it. If you hunt a bit there is even a pretty in it's own right acoustic version floating around.

But it's the B-side that really grabbed me. "Take This Night" has a rubbery bass line that screams dance and a drum shuffle that is just soft enough to be a later in the evening come down off the dance floor type of song. This seems to be a direction other UK bands have taken (like THE STONE ROSES without the drugs and the attitude). The song just kind of rolls along until you don't realize it but it has infected your brain and your humming along. If they find a way to consistently split the difference between these two sounds then I have high hopes for their full length record.

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