Sunday, November 07, 2010

It's Peter Buck's World...The Decemberists Just Live In It

So earlier this year Mr. Buck lent his talents to TIRED PONY and we are getting word out of the REM camp that their new record is rapidly approaching us in mid 2011. But if that wasn't enough ole' Pete hired out his six string twang to the new single from THE DECEMBERISTS, called "Down By The Water".

Here's what funny. When I first listened to the song while working on something else I thought, "man, this sounds a lot like REM" and apparently for good reason. The song would be pretty non descript except for the recognizable plucking (along with some nice background vocals by Gillian Welch). What does this tell us about the new record from Colin Meloy and company? Probably very little, other then they are trying to apologize to their fans for the god awful last album. So sit back, relax and enjoy the guitar work of an old friend.

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