Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Catherine Wheel and The Sundays

So today looks like a day to highlight two more overlooked bands of the English Rock movement of the late 80's, early 90's

Catherine Wheel made a good sized splash on this shore in the 90's mixing reminants of grunge with a british sensibility (think Bush only with better lyrics and more depth). Their first album, Texture, was an execise in shoegazer rock along the lines of My Bloody Valentine and Ride and with each record the band seemed to move away from that style to a more American style of rock. This is probably due to the somewhat lukewarm reception they got in England. By the time their fourth record, Adam and Eve, came about, their sound fit nicely with what commercial radio in America wanted (although they never really had a huge radio hit). I always felt bad for this band because they couldn't get any real attention in either place and eventually they broke up. Even still, if "Black Metallic" doesn't give you chills when you first hear it then you might be dead.
(m4a) Catherine Wheel - Ma Solituda from Adam and Eve
The Sundays were an appealing little band that had a pretty good sized college radio hit with "Here's Where The Story Ends" off their debut album Reading, Writing and Aritmetic. Their sound borrows alot musically from The Smiths acoustic style with female vocals. The other song I included here is "A Certain Someone" which is far more upbeat and poppy. The band went on to make a couple more records before disappearing but this record still makes me smile when I hear it.

(m4a) The Sundays - Here' s Where The Story Ends

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JKnight said...

randomly listened to both bands tonight on my iPod via shuffle. comments are right on...both are great bands.