Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tuesday's Random Thoughts

So I've got some extra time today so I have a few random thoughts on some topics of interest.

First, my beloved Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (which is the only time I will ever write such a dreadful combination of words together, it an abomination) are now in a tie for FIRST PLACE!! After playing wretched baseball for about, oh, the entire season, the Angels have actually gotten it together enough to sneak back into contention. What does all this mean? Well it means that once again my television viewing for the fall will be interrupted on a daily basis by extended bouts of yelling at the TV while Juan Rivera (Angels outfielder affectionaltly referred to around the house at "Double play" Rivera) hits into tailor made 6-4-3 Double plays to kill the Angels hopes. One can only hope that they are smart enough this year to make a trade to help the team. We are officially on TRADEWATCH people. Sunday is the deadline...dear God get Vlad some help. Even he is looking for divine intervention...

Remember when newscasters delivered the news? Walter Cronkite must be spinning in his grave over this. Keith Olbermann (once a sportscenter anchor for Christ's sake) and Bill O' Reilly (he of the media offic of the White house, I mean FOX news) are reportedly feuding over who is a worse person. I find O'Reilly's schtick to be tiresome and he is a blowhard and Olbermann is a pompous know it all, but really is this the best Cable news can do. See this is why I don't watch the news anymore.

Barry Bonds turned 42 yesterday. But he has the testicles of a man twice his age. Here's hoping Barry retires so we can all get back to our lives and stop worrying about a steriod enraged malcontent actually haveing a shot at the home run record. Seriously, does anyone outside of San Fran care about this guy?

Finally, it's FREAKIN HOT here in So Cal. I mean face of the sun hot. I don't think I can take it anymore. I blame George Bush (it's just easier that way).

That's all for now.

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