Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Teaser For Tomorrow

So I had a podcast done and began to finalize the recording when I looked up a realized it was very late and I have to be at work early tomorrow, so the podcast will be up tomorrow but I wanted to share this song because its just sooo good!!!

I once had quite a few songs by MATT POND PA on my first Ipod but when it crashed I didn't have them saved on my computer so I kinda forgot about them. After rummaging around the net looking for new music I ran across their name and realized that they released a record last year that I totally ignored. "Last Light" has the classic REM meets Cracker style of the early Matt Pond PA records but with a newer weight and energy. Two of the songs, "Last Light" and "Basement Parties" lept out at me and demanded my attention. Poppy and catchy I haven't stopped humming them all night. So I give you these and promise a podcast tomorrow.

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