Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Pop Music Backlash

So I have equally immersed in the new REM and COUNTING CROWS' records for the past two weeks. Which has made start to jones for something off kilter and random. This happens to me from time to time when I feel I might be trading in my indie roots for the Adult Album Alternative crowd. This is also a by product of my age and my inability to go to four shows a week like I did when I was younger. It just becomes easier to buy and enjoy music that's safe.

So in an effort to fight mainstream pop complacency (which I think also can be treated with some sort of antibiotic) I submit to you LONG FIN KILLIE's Hands and Lips ep. These guys were a Scottish band that released a couple of records in the 90's under the Too Pure label. Too Pure housed a lot of really avant garde artists and shoegazer type bands so I naturally gravitate to this music when I feel like something odd or unique. LONG FIN KILLIE seem to travel in the same atmosphere at dEUS (from yesterday's post) so if you enjoyed them you will probably dig this. Folks who enky early MOGWAI might also want to kick the tires on this ep.

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Unknown said...

I pride myself on knowing a lot about the Scottish music scenes of today and yesteryear - but this stuff is all knew to me....

Cheers my amigo.