Saturday, December 11, 2010

Introducing...Clockwork Radio

CLOCKWORK RADIO are a five piece band from Manchester (apparently by way of Egypt according to their website.) The band plays a pretty straight ahead form of rock with some nice flourishes of guitar and an odd bass line here and there. They have released their second ep, "The Soul Harmonic", for free download off their bandcamp page.

The ep's four tracks highlight the bands eclectic approach. "Desire" has a bit of a middle eastern blues feel to it in the open before finding a nice groove for the rest of the track. "Please You" takes the band into a slightly more epic place similar to say THE TEMPER TRAP. "Solitaire" opens with a great bass line that makes the this the most upfront rock song on the ep. This is also the song closest to their Manchester Brit Pop roots. The closing title track takes advantage of the piano line to come off very Beatle-esque.

The ep gives me hope that they could definitely grow into something worth keeping an eye on.

Download the record for free here.

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