Monday, December 20, 2010

Post Punk Icons Wire Return

I can't really tell you why I grabbed this record when I saw it. I don't have a lot from their catalogue in my collection and outside of the single "In Vivo" I can't name a tune they have made in their long career. But for no real reason I did give their latest record, "Red Barked Tree" a listen and I am feeling better for it.One of the seminal bands of the post-punk movement, Wire have left their imprint on a lot of bands that make music today most notably BLOC PARTY.

Like those lads, Wire travels in songs that are simple in their construction and are based largely on repeating a simple lyrical refrain or guitar line over and over. Opening the record with the subdued "Please Take" is kind of a tease as it does not hint at the raw aggression that is to come. "Two Minutes" is the lead single and seems to be a nod to Blur's "Parklife" which in turn was a nod to Wire's early work. Although the record lacks the urgency of the band's early work, the maturity in songwriting and playing serves the band well. Will this record catapult them into a new audience of younger punk and indie kids? I doubt it. But it's a good record that deserves attention

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