Thursday, December 16, 2010

New REM Single..brings back old times

REM is in many ways like a long lost friend. You keep in touch with them but sometimes you lose track. Then one day you think to yourself, "you know I haven't heard for so and so in a while I should give them a call". Well, REM called the other day and reminded me why they are such a good friend.

"Discoverer" is the lead single from the band's newest record, "Collapse Into Now". By the sound of this song, the band is continuing to rebuild their sound after it all fell apart when Bill Berry left (never underestimate the impact a drummer has on a band.) From the opening guitar line by the suddenly ubiquitous Perter Buck (as referenced earlier by his work with THE DECEMBERISTS and TIRED PONY) to Micheal Stipe sounding oddly defiant in his singing, the band seems ready to at least give the whole big ass stadium band thing another whirl. They have said in interviews that the new album is similar in many ways to "Automatic For The People" which in my book is a good thing. "Discoverer" seems more akin to their work on "Green" but if those are the reference points then we might be in for a treat in 2011.

download the track for free here.

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