Thursday, December 02, 2010

Teen Daze & the bedroom pop movement

I have always marveled what can be accomplished with home recording equipment these days. Sounds that are fully formed and seem more polished than ever before are emanating from singular recording sessions with small groups of musicians. Take TEEN DAZE, a Vancouver collective (or is it one guy, I can't really tell) who make sunny, shimmery pop music that is reminiscent of THE BYRDS and THE MAMAS AND THE PAPAS in the layered vocals and clean guitar lines. Their latest ep, "Beach Dreams", is the kind of lo-fi wonder that makes me wish I had learned to play the guitar myself.

You can almost feel the sun basking on the shoulders of the singer as he intones to his love that they should fall into each other's arms on "Let's Fall Asleep Together." "Beach Dreams" sounds as if it's using the rhythm of the ocean as its metronome as it recalls the end of summer and all the lost opportunities that come with the end of the season. "Cliff Jump Love Song" has that fevered pace that comes with the adrenaline rush of diving into the unknown. "Water" sounds as if it is drowning in on itself and yet still has that childlike love of the ocean in it's spirit.

This is a marvelous piece of pop confection that will last those of your battling winter wonders (like six feet of snow) with the promise of sunnier days to come.

Visit the Bandcamp site here to pay what you like for the ep...

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Love this music!