Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Funeral Party is buzzing

I can say with a fair amount of honesty that my first blush with FUNERAL PARTY was a little dismissive. Usually, when I stumble across a new band I size them up and make some level of determination. There are those I fall in love with right away, those that I have luke-warm feelings toward and those that I simply do not find interesting. Columns A and B have hope, but it is rare when a column C band makes their way into any real airplay on the ole iPod. Funeral Party are the exception.

As part of the art-punk movement that seems akin to what FOALS and THE KLAXONS have been doing for awhile, Funeral Party are set to take on people's perceptions with their debut full length, "The Golden Age of Knowhere". Combining dance rhythms with a heavy dose of raging guitars and screaming vocals, this collective takes the best of the RAMONES and amps up the fist pumping. Opening with the cacophony of clashing guitars and drums, "New York City Moves to the Sound of LA" is a warning shot across the bow of the other coast. "Car Wars" and Finale" are more radio friendly with their choruses that are meant to be sung and hooks to spare. The middle portion of the record owes more to the post punk revival (ala BLOC PARTY) with a wash of keyboards taking center stage in "Postcards of Persuasion" and "Giant Song". The title track serves as the closing salvo of adrenaline that I'm sure serves as the closer to their live shows.

I can't tell you if I enjoy this record because the exuberance of the band is obvious or if repeated plays just wore me down. Either way, it's a great debut from a really cool new band.

(mp3) Funeral Party -- Finale (LINK REMOVED BY REQUEST)

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