Sunday, February 27, 2011

The New Division play Retro

It's always weird when you hear new bands with influences that you would have if you played music. Basically, there is a fine line between being influenced by someone and copying them. Riverside, CA THE NEW DIVISION are certainly influenced by the electro pop of DEPECHE MODE, NEW ORDER and the romantic angst of PSYCHEDELIC FURS but without aping the sound too much.

Now the songs off the ep"The ROOKIE"certainly have a John Hughes film quality to them. You can almost see Ducky looking down the hall as the plaintive sounds of "Devotion" beep in the background. But there is enough originality to truly get behind here. "No Health" updates the old Mode sound with a clippy synth line and ethereal vocals. "Nocturnal" adds a crunchy, shoegazer guitar line to the mix with positive results. "Festival" is that late night club feel to it that remixed correctly would be a club thumping hit. "Bucharest" is probably the most nostalgic in feel but they are forgiven a little hero worship (especially since they throw in a hidden track at the end that is more bluesy then pop).

A fun ep from a band that has some real promise.

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