Friday, February 18, 2011

RADIOHEAD 'King of Limbs" Tracklist

I will have a proper review of the record when I am done listening to it seven or eight times, but since even the tracklisting is a secret I thought I would share this. Here are the 8 songs on the record

1. Bloom (5:15)
2. Morning Mr. Magpie (4:41)
3. Little By Little (4:27)
4. Feral (3:13)
5. Lotus Flower (5:00)
6. Codex (4:47)
7. Give Up The Ghost (4:50)
8. Seperator (5:20)


Ashley said...

Why is it that your track list titles are didfferent from the ones on Do you really have the new album? Is there truly a song called "creep 2"?

Kristoffer said...

I don't know anything about, but I assume that if they were reporting that there is a Creep 2 that it was a joke. Radiohead would rather jump into a wood chipper than make a "part 2" to any previous song, let alone Creep, which is a song they have forcefully pushed deep into their past. Anyone who would actually believe a Creep 2 was on the new album doesn't get Radiohead at all.

The tracklist on this site is correct. I've been listening to the album all day.